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PMs Package on Roads & Bridges
Documents on PM's Package
Status Roads & Bridges under PM Package-11-08-2009

Key Features of Prime Minister’s speech made on 31.01.2008 at Itanagar

Prime Minister’s Package for Arunachal Pradesh

Instruction to Field Officers on implementation of PM’s Package

A follow-up action by Govt. of India on Trans-Arunachal Highway

Standard Terms of Reference for engagement of consultants for carrying out feasibility studies and inventorisation of New NHs for their improvement of National Highway standards (No. RW/NH/12011/1/99/w/RJ, dated 15th Jan 2001

Appointing a Nodal Officer for implementation of PM’s Package for completion of in-complete projects under Roads and Bridges

Letter to Chief Engineer, Border Road Organisation on Feasibility Studies of Trans-Arunachal Highway (uploaded on 26.03.2008)

Appointing a Nodal Officer for Planning & Monitoring of Trans-Arunachal Highway/SARDP-NE and other associated road programmes in PM’s package etc.

Constitution of a State Level Monitoring Committee to monitor SARDP-NE Programme of State of Arunachal Pradesh

Superintending Engineer Rupa’s instruction to field units on PM Package.

List of roads under SARDP Phase ‘B’ for which DPR is to be prepared by State PWD (No. NH-12037/76/2004/NER/NH-10 (Vol. VII), dated April 11, 2008.

Execution of 4-lanning from NH-52 to Itanagar (Letter dated 4th September/2008)

Procurement of Cement and Steel for works under PM Package including ACA/SPA (SH: Forwarding of Photocopy of Bank Guarantees)

Data required by NABSCON for Monitoring of PM’s Package

Download Sheet1

Download Sheet2

Download Sheet3

NABCONS appointed as 3rd party monitoring committee for PM Package – instruction regarding from Secretary (Planning)

Annual Plan 2007-08, Arunachal Pradesh – allocation of grant under PM’s Package for completion of pending projects under Transport Sector, as a follows up of Prime Minister’s announcement made at Itanagar on 31-01-2008

Letter No. M.13048/2/(Aru)/2006/SP-ACA, Dated 25.02.2008

Work wise details (Roads) Volume – A

Work wise details (Bridges) Volume – B

Work wise details (Porter Tracks) Volume – C

Work wise details (Suspension Bridges) Volume – D

Work wise details (RIDF State Share) Volume – E

Work wise details (NEC) Volume – F

Work wise details (NLCPR) Volume – G

Division – wise distribution of PM’s Package funds for the year 2007-08 & 2008-09 (uploaded on 01.03.2008)

Power Point presentation by Chief Engineer (EZ) on PM’s package on R&B sector in a meeting taken by Hon’ble Chief Minister on 05.03.2008

Instruction of Chief Engineer (D&P) on pre-feasibility studies

Note submitted to Secretary to Governor (Arunachal Pradesh) for appraisal to Hon’ble of Prime Minister of India
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