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Acts and Rules related to National Highways
The National Highway Act, 1956

The Mizoram Highway Act, 2002

The Control of National Highways (Land and Traffic) Act, 2002

National Highways Authority of India, Act, 1988

National Highways’ Rules, 1957

National Highways Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 2003

Circulars issues by Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways
Introduction of Direct Payment Procedure (DPP) for execution of National Highway Works

Use of language of kilometer stones and sign boards on National Highways

Empanelment of Consultants for Highway & Bridge Projects by MoRTH

Gazette Notification on transfer of Highways (NH-52 from BRO to PWD in Arunachal Pradesh

National Policy on Resettlement & Rehabilitation (NPRR) for project affected families – 2003 issued by Ministry of Rural Development, on road project in North East States

281st Amendment in Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961 and change in procedure for issuance of LA notification thereof

Passenger oriented Wayside Amenities along National Highways

Payment of final bill – inspection of works by SE (NH) concerned and mandatory recording of certificated – regarding

Proforma for giving details about distress and weak bridges on National Highways

Numbering of Kilometer stones on National Highways

Manual for Specifications and Standards for 4-laning of NH through PPP

Ministry’s Guideline regarding Formation Width, Geometrics Improvement and Safety Measures on Hill Roads.

Damage caused to NH, State Roads by floods – DO letter from General NC Vij, Vice Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority (GoI)

Notification of National Highways Administration of NH-153 in Arunachal Pradesh

Furnishing Bank/RTGS details of contractors, involved in execution of NH work, in the state required for implementing e-payment system

Circulars issued by Central Vigilance Commission
Improving vigilance administration by increasing transparency through effective use of website

Tendering process - negotiations with L-1

Inventory of Bridges on National Highway

Control of National Highways (Land & Traffic) Act, 2002 – Setting up of Highway Administration

Manual of Standards & Specifications for 4-laning of Highways through Public Private Partnership (No.RW/NH-37011/86/2005-PIC, Dated: 27th May, 2008.

Use of City compost in plantation in medians, turfing on side slopes of embankment and plantation of trees in right of way along National Highways (No. RW/NH-35072/6/2007-S&R(R), Dated: 23.05.2008).

Acceptance of Single Tender

Instructions issued by Ministry
Programme for providing Road Connectivity to Border Towns

Review meeting on NH-153 with Chief Engineer (P-10) for quarter ending March, 2007 – Action Superintending Engineer (Jairampur)

Estimates for the improvement of 32km length of NH-153 to two lane standard under SARDP-NE (Phase-‘A’)

Length of National Highways within Municipal limits – furnishing of information regarding

Details of dilapidated Bridges/Over bridges on National Highways in the country

Committee constituted to address the issued related to reduction of cost of construction of Roads in North East Region (Minutes and Office Order on constitution of a Committee)

Minutes of the meeting held by Secretary (RT&H) on 11.9.2007 in Room No. 121-122 of Planning Commission for Review of Central Sector Road Works

Development of GIS Based Data Information System – Instruction of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways / CRRI

Alignment of extended NH-37 from Saikhowaghat in Assam to Roing in Arunachal Pradesh

4-Lanning in Arunachal Pradesh

Furnishing of NH Data pertaining to the State in North East Region (RW/GHT/Gen(55)/03, 24/09/2208 of RO Guwahati)

Performance Report of NH-153 in the State of Arunachal Pradesh
December 2007

Sanction Memos on NH-153
Strengthening of NH-153 (Stilwell Road) from Km. 560 to 620 in Arunachal Pradesh (Job No. 0153 Ar.P.-2004-05-006)

Construction of 26 RCC Slab culverts in the stretch from 560 to 620 on NH-153, in Arunachal Pradesh (Job No. 0153 Ar.P.-2004-05-007)

Ministry’s letter dated 29th November 2007 regarding submission of DPR for SARDP-NE projects under APPWD [Yupia-Papu road, Hawai to Hawa Camp road and NH-153 (Stilwell Road)]

Gazette Notification of NH-153

Performance Report of NH-153 in the State of Arunachal Pradesh
Various circulars issued by Ministry


GIS road Map

State wise National Highway in the country

Ongoing NH works in Arunachal Pradesh

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