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Sanctioned Memos CRF Works
Bhalukpong township road (4 km) in West Kameng District in Arunachal Pradesh.

Road from Along Kaying BRTF road to Donyi-Polo Govt. College at kamki (SH Soling, Metalling, Carpeting and RCC slab culverts (Length – 4.78 km) – balance work

Approach Road to VKV School at Along (Renewal resurfacing)

Steel Truss Girder Bridge river Dibang (Span 150 mtr)

10 Number bridges on Dambuk Paglam Road

Improvement of Basar Township road

Road from Dirang Dzong to Namthung via Sanglam (19.215 Km)

Improvement and up-gradation of road network Lumla township road (15.095 km)

Improvement of Naharlagun township roads Phase-II

Approach road to VKV at Dobi in Lower Subansiri District, Ziro (2.25 Km)

Construction of road from Pai to Pinegroove (20.00 Km) Phase-I (0-5 Km)

Parking space by the side on NH-52-A near Rama Krishna Mission Hospital, Itanagar

Improvement and up-gradation of bypass road from Bomdir on BRTF road to District HQ at Tawang (9.609 Km)

Construction of Shergaon-Doimara-Foothills Kamengbari) – Missamari – Thelamara on NH-52 (SH: Shergaon – Doimara – 72 Km) Phase-I 0.00 to 28.00 Km) under Inter-State Connectivity (ISC) in Arunachal Pradesh

Construction Puchigeko to Sikiputu via Angolomdak, Pegalomdak and Gichi road

Improvement of Sagalee Township road

Construction RCC Bridge over Buri-Dihing

Improvement of Mebo-Dholla Road (36.70 Km) – Phase-II/a>

Improvement of Mebo-Dholla Road (36.70 Km) – Phase-I

Improvement of Roing-Shantipur Road (21.50 Km)

RCC Bridge over river Bereng (Span 80.00 Metres)

Rima Motongsa Road (Length = 18.30 km) Ph: I (0-7 Km)

Improvement of Tuting township (3.45 Km)

Shergaon – Doimara – Foothills (Kamengbari) – Missamari – Thelamara on NH-52 (SH: Shergaon – Doimara – 72.00 Km) Ph, 0.00 to 28.00 Km) under Inter-State Connectivity Scheme (ISC) on Arunachal Pradesh

Improvement of road from Sangti-Cher-Khalibok road (length=6.45 Km) in West Kameng Distt., in the State of Arunachal Pradesh

Road from Yachuli of lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh to Gerugamukh of Assam via Mai, Lej, Pei, Pochu and Dodo village Phase – I from 0 to 20 km under Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Inter-State Connectivity (ISC) in the State of Arunachal Pradesh

Circular on Display Boards on CRF works

Use of language of kilometer stones and sign boards on National Highways

Letter No. 28030/10/98/OR, dated 22.1.99 (Review and streamlining of the schemes and allocation of funds under Central Road Fund (CRF)

Advance release of 1/3 of the accrual (Circular dated 28th May/2007)

Centrally Sponsored Schemes of State Roads of Inter-State and Economic Importance (Letter dated 14th March 2001

Rules for disbursement of CRF Fund in respect of specified projects, schemes and activities relating to development and maintenance of State Roads including roads of Inter-State connectivity and Economic Importance (Letter dated 10th July, 2007

Letter on accrual

Improving vigilance administration by increasing transparency through effective use of website

Tendering process - negotiations with L-1

Guidelines regarding pre-qualification of Contractors in NE States for NH/ISC works costing more than Rs. 2 crore – Inclusion of R.O. as member of Technical Evaluation Committee – reg

CRF Accruals (Tentative) for the year 2007-08 based on the consumption of petrol & diesel from 01.04.2005 to 31.3.2006 and Rs. 0.68 crore from GBS

National Policy on Resettlement & Rehabilitation (NPRR) for project affected families – 2003 issued by Ministry of Rural Development, on road project in North East States

QPR ending September 2007 for E&I CRF works

QPR ending September 2007 for Normal CRF work

Utilization Certificate of CRF (Normal) Works during the year upto September/2007

Minutes of the meeting held by Secretary (RT&H) on 11.9.2007 in Room No. 121-122 of Planning Commission for Review of Central Sector Road Work

Release of funds to various States/UTs out of Central Road Fund during the year 2007-08 (Arunachal Pradesh)

Progress of on-going CRF/EI/ISC works as on 31/08/2008 (Letter from RO Guwahati. Superintending Engineers are requested to submit the details to RO, Guwahati directly under intimation to the Chief Engineer (EZ)

Centrally Sponsored Schemes of State Roads of Economic Importance and Inter State Connectivity for the year 2008-09 – Regarding (No. NH-17012/1/2208-P&M dated 26th June, 2008

Priority list of CRF Projects forwarded to Transport Ministry, GoI for the year 2008-09

Quarterly Progress Report & UC of ongoing CRF/EI/ISC works end September, 2008

Priority list of CRF works approved by State Government for the year 2006-07

Priority list of CRF works approved by state Government for the year 2007-08

QPR for the quarter ending June/2007 on NH, CRF Works submitted to Ministry.

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